Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Free TNPSC Group 1, 2, 4, VAO coaching demo class

TNPSC coaching centre free demo class in Chennai

About Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission(TNPSC):


The state government needs individuals in various capacities to ensure the smooth functioning of the day-to-day activities and also to help with the communication and implementation of the government’s policies. These individuals are chosen by means of a transparent recruitment process and the main agency responsible for the same is the TNPSC.

The basic responsibilities of the TNPSC department include
  • Advising the government on recruitment rules and policies.
  • Conduct of examinations for recruitment
  • Involvement in disciplinary matters related to government servants.
  • Rules to be followed for appointment, promotions etc.
TNPSC Roles and Responsibilities

All the duties, responsibilities and functions of this body are governed by Article 320 of the Constitution of India.

The various exams conducted are classified as TNPSC Group 1, 2, 4 and VAO. The grouping of the exams is based on the position requirements and authority. That posts for Group 1 carry high levels of authority and this decreases as one nears the group 4 category. Some posts and categories have an interview stage, while others do not have any interview requirements.

In the case of VAO, they are assisted by a village assistant. Their main roles and responsibilities revolve around tax collection, preparation of land records, data collection, issuing certificates, provision of polling booths at the time of election duty, ensuing that bonded labor and other illegal activities are not present, among other roles.

But how do students prepare for TNPSC exams? 
What is the correct method to crack these exams?
How to plan and prepare oneself for these exams step by step?

This is where the role of TNPSC coaching institutes in Chennai comes in. Generally, Vetrii IAS Academy give students the ability to interact with a wide peer group and help them gain confidence. Further, coaching is laser sharp and students are guided correctly at every step. 

The main advantages of attending free demo coaching classes for TNPSC are that there is a supportive peer and mentor group. Further, any doubts that arise during the course of the study can be immediately discussed and sorted out via holistic discussions.

Vetrii IAS Academy also arrange for past students who cleared the exams to come and deliver pep talks and lectures, in addition to conducting mock tests and interviews. All these and more give aspiring students a definite advantage in their exam preparation.

But how to choose a good TNPSC coaching centre? It can only be done by asking friends and relatives for some suggestions or by attending demo classes. Demo classes help students gain a feel of the requirements of the exam, their current preparation level and the expectations. They can also judge the quality of the institute and whether the subjects are thought by experienced faculty, as promised.

How Vetrii IAS differentiates itself in many ways from the crowd in the concept of TNPSC demo coaching classes in Chennai? 

Oftentimes, many training institutes conduct separate demo classes. However, this is not the case with Vetrii IAS Academy. In line with pursuing the policy of absolute transparency, Vetrii IAS Academy ensures that students who want to undertake a demo class before joining sit along with the students who are in the main classes. This gives a first-hand feel to the sessions and only when the students are convinced, do they join the institute.

Further, the students are also given the option of attending demo classes in a variety of subjects. This exposure and open framework is developed with the idea of giving a holistic view of the activities of the institute. Once students are convinced of the genuineness of the institution, the expertise of the faculty and the correct guidance that is given, joining the institute and adding to its reputation are sure steps!  

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